About Me

Welcome to my site.

My name is Rajib.  I am currently working as a Business Promoter for an IT company based in UK.

I have always been interested in management consultancy. My passion to understand business transformation and change management always pushes me explore the internet and other places where I can learn more about the art of managing business shifts (motion) successfully. Although I like to learn about business change regardless of the industry it is taking place in, I do have a slightly higher interest within the information technology industry. My interests also include project management, customer relationship, operations and process management.

In this site I share news, views, expert opinion of business change related to various industry. I hope you will find something useful to learn here. I also expect you to share your own opinions which will expand the perspective of the topic and help us all to learn better.

Enough talk for now. Go ahead and explore. Thanks for visiting.

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